What’s Important

Day 48 (of 187) – November 9, 2018

Here I am, back on the Sunshine Coast from Prince George. I was suppose to be at the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE concert with my sister tonight, but the concert was cancelled a couple of days ago. Unfortunately or fortunately, I could not cancel my plane tickets. It just meant more time with my little family in Sechelt. My husband picked me up yesterday from the airport and handed off his vehicle to me so that I could take the ferry and drive to Sechelt. That was super nice. He even took me out for dinner before I headed for the 750pm ferry. I got to reunite with my kid and dog at home. We went out for a late night walk. We chatted and went to bed. Strangely, it was like I never left… like I was away on a 3-week conference and now I’m back. I like how we are finding a new norm. My kid is more independent. My man and kid are building a new relationship. I’m working on my new career and parenting by text. My dog barely notices. “Hi. Welcome back. Where’s dad?” Thank you dog. After all that is said and done, I am reminded of WHAT’S IMPORTANT. How does the saying go… Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I love my little family (and friends) and glad to be back home… at least for a few days.

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