Less Is More

Day 47 (of 187) – November 8, 2018

Look at this beautiful food pic… If you don’t know me already, I’m a HUGE food pic fan. I like taking food pics and I’m pretty happy that this food pic has made my daily blog of learning. Why post a pic of food? It’s a metaphor. LESS IS MORE. Look at how simple this meal looks. My husband ordered this from the Sheraton hotel in Richmond. The appetizers and this dinner were absolutely delicious. As you can see, there is nothing to it. Cod, carrots, beans, peppers, and mashed potatoes. This meal even cost $10 more than my meal that night. It reminds me of what I am trying to convey to my students about learning activities and learning intentions. Sometimes, less is more. The choice is either depth or breath under the constraint of time. I am learning this lesson as well. I would love to go deeper on some of the student led learning activities and class discussions, but we have a time limit per class in this term. As much as I have designed this course, as my students have with their learning activities and presentations, to have an overview of some concepts regarding Curriculum and Instruction… LESS IS MORE. This is a good lesson for me and my students. This meta-experience is an exemplar that teachers are learners. They have to be… to be responsive, reflective, and reflexive. Right now, I’m feeling like I’m none of the above as I am moderating each of us with time to ensure that we can conclude this class with most of our learning intentions in tact. I am learning.

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