Career Highlights

CFUR Presents: The Abstract – March 12, 2020

Episode 5: Learning To Teach with Dr. Christine Ho Younghusband

Interviewed by UNBC Grad Students Kristen Kieta and Jeremy Morris. Talking about BC Education and the redesigned B.Ed. Teacher Education Program at UNBC, which was recently approved and will be implemented in the Fall 2020. Exciting times in BCED.

British Columbia School Trustee Association Trustee Study Highlights the Importance of Local Information

Leader Issue 28: The Education Leader (online publication) – September 2019

Dr. Daniel Laitsch (principal investigator) and myself (graduate research assistant) engaged in a research study that looked at how BC school trustees access research and acquire the knowledge to make decisions. BCSTA shared highlights of this study on their online journal, the Education Leader, to give back to participants and inform practice.

Trustee Study Highlights Importance of Local Information

First Journal Publication

Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, No.188 (2019)

British Columbia School Trustees’ Use of Research and Information Seeking in Decision Making
Dr. Daniel Laitsch (SFU) and Dr. Christine Ho Younghusband (UNBC)

Published: April 2019