Lemons Lemonade

Week 11 (of Week 38) – November 12-16, 2018

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

This common saying inspired the title of my blog today. I’m putting a SPIN on what is and what things could be. You have to. I could dwell on the “bad” bur really… it’s all good. So here’s my confession… I WILL NOT BE DAILY BLOGGING ANYMORE. Sorry Ian (@technolandy). I just can’t do it. This is my learning. I’ve spent many weeks just trying to catch up to my “daily blogging” but the reality is, I need time to think and reflect. This is what I’ve learned about myself. I’m pretty content knowing and understanding this about myself. I like blogging. I like reflecting. I love learning. I am RE-COMMITTED to a weekly blog of learning. Hence, this blog is “Week 11 of 38.” It’s a NEW Friday ritual.

I teach in Prince George, BC and my little family lives on the Sunshine Coast, BC. As you can see from the photo above, it snowed in Prince George yesterday. My husband kindly sends me a photo of the Sunshine Coast tonight as seen in the photo below. I’m a COASTAL GIRL living in the central interior. It’s going to snow. I’ve been anticipating snow for months and we have not seen the best of it yet. I believe that I will financially break even this school year in preparation for snow. I bought things that I have never owned before like a block heater, winter tires, and an electric blanket. I love my electric blanket. That said, I am so happy that I can visit my little family at least once a month and I get to teach at a university whose values are ALIGNED to mine. I feel very lucky. Not only to have a NEW home in Prince George (aka. apartment) where I can continue learning and pursuing my career in education, but I also own my home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast where my little family resides. I love living in both places.

Of course, good things come in THREE. As mentioned, I get to work at an institution that is undergoing change. I JUST LOVE THAT. I can see how people feel uncomfortable with uncertainty and visible change (me included, at times), but I love how I can be a part of an incredible opportunity to REDESIGN our programming but also be part of the university’s redesign to create a STRUCTURE that will enable students and faculty to THRIVE… and create the best learning environment that adheres to the values of the institution. Admittedly, it gets a little cray, cray at times at work… well, most times. But I like the provost’s description of the Academic Restructuring process… DESIGN BUILDING. I love that thinking. I would much rather build as we are doing and being nimble to ongoing input and feedback versus having “pre-packaged CHANGE.” This is right up my alley and today was a day a celebration.. for me. I felt that with a lot of hard work and collaboration, we accomplished something today. Today reminded me that EVERY STEP COUNTS. Leadership matters. Trying and putting yourself out there are necessary goods.

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