Dr. Christine Ho Younghusband is passionate about teaching and learning and the role of leadership in enhancing the student learning experience in K-12 and in higher education. LEADERSHIP SHAPES LEARNING. Educators, administrators, researchers, governors, parents, community, the student are leaders of learning, which is housed within the system of policy, and implemented as practice. Christine earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2017 from Simon Fraser University (SFU) and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) in the B.Ed. Teacher Education Program and M.Ed. Leadership Program. Christine remains connected to SFU as an Affiliate Scholar at the Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership and Policy (CSELP) and member of the Academic Council at the Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture, and Education (CIRCE).

Christine is driven by THINKING FORMATIVE. Christine’s research interests include subject matter acquisition, mentorship. assessment, professional learning, mathematics education, culture and mathematics, policies and practice, and transformative leadership. In addition to her work at UNBC, Christine is an independent educational consultant, sessional instructor at St. Mark’s College and SFU, and co-moderator of #bcedchat on Twitter. Her 25-year career in education includes teaching secondary mathematics and science in BC public schools (16-years), serving as a school trustee (7-years) and director with the BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA) Board of Directors (3-years), and contributing to the Math K-9 Curriculum Development Team (3-years) and BC Association of Mathematics Teachers (BCAMT) executive committee (8-years). At UNBC, Christine has contributed to the B.Ed. and M.Ed. Program Renewal Committees, she is a member of Senate, and she is the moderator of #UNBCed and faculty sponsor of the UNBC Education Club.

Christine is a LEARNER first. Her teaching practice is guided by her inquiry and curiosity. She leads by “learning by doing” with a willingness to try, take risks, and try again. Christine values learning experientially, is open to ongoing formative assessment, and engages regularly in reflection as a reflective practitioner. Her dissertation at SFU is titled, The Professional Learning Experiences of Non-Mathematics Subject Specialist Teachers: A Descriptive Study (see below for link to the study), captures Christine’s keen interest in out-of-field teaching, professional learning, and subject matter acquisition. She continues this PEDAGOGICAL JOURNEY as a researcher, writer, and teacher educator. If you are interested in contacting, connecting, and conversing with Christine, go to: CONTACT.

Simon Fraser University – EdD Dissertation – 2017

The Professional Learning Experiences of Non-Mathematics Subject Specialist Teachers: A Descriptive Study

Senior Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Laitsch, PhD

Link to Dissertation: http://summit.sfu.ca/item/17485

Service Work and Affiliations

#bcedchat Co-Moderator, CSELP Affiliate Scholar, UNBC Senate, EdCan Editorial Board, and CIRCE Academic Council


University Northern British Columbia – School of Education

Full-Time Regular Term Assistant Professor (August 2018 to July 2020)
Teacher Education and Graduate Studies

First Journal Publication

Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, No.188 (2019)

British Columbia School Trustees’ Use of Research and Information Seeking in Decision Making
Dr. Daniel Laitsch (SFU) and Dr. Christine Ho Younghusband (UNBC)


The University of British Columbia – Faculty of Education

David Robitaille International STEM Education Network – Feature Educators (see link below)

Feature Educators


BCSTA – British Columbia School Trustee Association
Trustee Study Highlights the Importance of Local Information

Leader Issue 28: The Education Leader (online publication)

Trustee Study Highlights Importance of Local Information

Episode 120 – Dr. Christine Younghusband

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