Listen and Let Go

Yup. Another photo of me and another blog entry. Why not? Welcome to Week 8 of the pandemic. Here I am walking around my neighbourhood in Prince George, BC fulfilling my #daily5kchallenge. It’s DAY 9. Walking is a wonderful way to develop one’s sense of place. With each walk, I am honing my best 5k route. Sometimes I take a short detour here and there to explore the area but I think I have established a predictable 5k route that is joyful and rewarding. I always bring my wallet just in case I want to go to Save-On-Foods or Shoppers Drug Mart. Most times I don’t go, but it’s nice to have the option. Today, I chatted with my friend Carrie. Who needs tunes today when you can talk to your friend on the phone during my walk for an hour? It was amazing. I loved laughing with and listening to her today and the weather was great. 14 degrees celsius. It was just as warm as Vancouver, but it was sunny. Anyway, back to the blog. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this pandemic physical distancing time, to stay at home, and have the time to reflect on what is and what will be. I had my end of Week 7 existential moment on the weekend and returned back to writing about my mom. I am so happy that I am writing again because I am reminded of her but also of the lessons that I have learned from her and continue to learn. I just shared with a couple of my friends today of The Double Duck Dinner. That will be the title of one of the chapters of the book. I am also realizing that this project will take an immense amount of time to complete and humbled to write a little bit everyday. It might be the #onehourwritingchallenge. Hmmm… that makes sense to me. DONE. What truly blows my mind is my crazy “writing rules” where I decided that would have different titles to my blog entries. So when I chose this one, the URL popped up and said “listen and let go 2.” Gah. A repeat. I would have normally changed the title to something else, but today I took a look at Listen and Let Go, post #1. I wrote that blog 7-years ago on May 5, 2013. Mind blowing. Exactly 7-years. I guess it’s a lesson to be learned AGAIN. The original post was about my thoughts about math education in light of developing BC’s New Curriculum. Now, it’s about my thoughts about where I am, where I was, and where I will be. After talking to Carrie, a few friends, and my kid, it’s become very clear to me that I am suppose to be where I am RIGHT NOW. Listen and let go.

#pandemicreflection #stayhome #staysafe #bekind