Listen and Let Go

Victoria, BC – Math Curriculum Development Team

I have learned so much by being a part of the Math K-10 Curriculum Development Team.  It was a unique opportunity to work with other math educators in BC from public and independent schools.  I got contribute to the direction of math education in light of the BCEd Plan and new Provincial Curriculum.  Finally, I was able to authentically share my views of math education and how it could be for kids.  Guess what?  So did everyone else around the table… It was an opportunity to influence, compare, and compromise.  The mantra: LISTEN and LET GO.  If you held onto your ideas too tightly, you were not able to listen.  The lesson is to LISTEN… to others and yourself.  Once you can listen, sometimes letting go is the best thing to do.  By letting go, you are able to get to “the next level.”  This happened over and over again at the curriculum development table.  This lesson also resonates in my life.  Listen and let go.  I cannot realize my potential by holding onto what is or what was.

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