Twenty Three Points

Well this is an eye opener. I finally have the courage to join Weight Watchers (again)… but only online via the App. I’ve joined many times and was very successful in the 90’s, just before my marriage, and just before my doctorate. So, the program works but (obviously) you have to stick with it (for the rest of your life). I’m learning that. Struggled with the thought and I could not muster the strength to go back to counting points, even though I’ve tried many times since the beginning of my doctoral studies. At the time, my priorities change… and now, my post-doctoral self is asking for some change.

CHANGE. A daunting concept. It’s happening all of the time. Ironically, it’s the constant. The difference between some changes to others is the INTENTION. During my doctorate, I was more focused on my studies, survival, and sleep. Counting 23-points was very low on my priority list… and it shows. Forget about the Freshman 15. Think about the Doctorate XX. I don’t even want to put a number to it. For me, it’s at least a double digit.

Many times, I wanted to deal with my weight and energy levels but in a passive way… like it was going to happen on it’s own. Change is happening with very little intention (and totally not working in the direction that I had wanted or hoped for). The truth is, to change what you see on the “outside,” you have to change what’s on the “inside.” What do I mean by this? I can change my surroundings, the people I hang out with, and read a few books here and there, but NOTHING has changed until I change my PERCEPTION.

What I perceive matters. I guess this goes in tune with self-efficacy, growth mindset, and deliberate practice. However, what we perceive will dictate what we will see (and experience). Here’s an example. I go to McDonald’s now and again for convenience and comfort. I go there with my kid. I go there when I’m on the run (metaphorically speaking). I just joined Weight Watchers (after seeing Oprah in Vancouver). I wanted to for some time and she gave a special offer to those who came to her event. Why not?

Of course, I joined… downloaded the App… and did not count any points for at least a week. I was driving my kid to rugby, I was going out of time, and who had the time? Am I right? I’m just back in my “way of doing things.” I did not change my perception. When all was said and done, I look at some articles on the WW App and how this program works via the App. The program has changed over time and I tried using the App before… but failed (well, I never used it). I looked at the ZERO POINT food items. That has changed too. Once you start tracking and use the App, you realize that CARBS, etc. are “point heavy” thus motivates you to really consider the Zero Point foods and how to use them.

Early in my attempts to use the WW App, I was at rugby with my kid, staying over at my brother’s out of town, and needed to get something quick to eat (that I love). Of course, I got a McDonald’s Breakfast Meal #2 – Sausage and Egg McMuffin, hashbrown, and small orange juice. I really enjoy this meal and ALLOWED to eat this meal while on Weight Watchers, but I have to stay within my points. I’m allotted 23-points. To humour myself, I calculated the points of my favourite breakfast… and yes, it was also 23-POINTS!!!

This was an eye-opener. One meal equals my daily allowance!!! Yikes. My mind was tapped. I really had to think about this for a few days and really consider what’s important to me and why. Now I am on my “official” first week of WW… meaning, I’m tracking. I am focussed on Zero Point foods and I am really enjoying it. I’m enjoying the challenge of making foods with Zero Point ingredients and I made a wicked wonton with ground turkey breast meat, mushrooms, egg, green onions, and prawns. The only thing that counted for points were the wonton wrappers. Tastes great!!! WINNING!!!

I do return back to some of my “comfort foods” but I am rudely awakened by how much these foods don’t feel or taste good. My perception has shifted. It was a quick turnaround but I am really enjoying my non-fat yogurt and berries, boiled eggs, and coffee with soy milk. Who would have thought? Not me. So what’s the formula for change? A will. A want. A goal. A framework. An awakening. That’s the catalyst for change and now it’s about continuing with this new perception. I think this could work with almost anything, but it requires time, patience, and a willingness to try… with a WHY. My next step is walking.


  1. Checking out your posts after your visit to #TIEgrad:) I want to encourage you on your health journey! You’ve got this! I am embarking on building my PLN and have really enjoyed learning more about your career. In particular, I was excited when I noted the class you teach “Quantitative Approaches to Environmental Education”. I’m a math and science teacher offering Environmental Science 11 in SD61 next spring. Thanks for directing me to Gillian Judson as a resource. I am looking forward to receive her book in the mail!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog and website. It ranges in topic. The walking curriculum is a starting place and I look forward to what you make of it and #getoutside. Happy learning in #tiegrad. All the best. C

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