Turning A Corner

Week 26 (of 38) – March 18 to 22, 2019

Can you believe that I am reflecting on my week EARLY? It’s really unheard of. I had full intentions of catching up on my marking… finally, but the server is down. How does that happen? Is this karma? I’m not sure, but I thought I should take the opportunity to catch up on other things. It’s so amazing how many things on my “things to do” for work accumulate and EVERYTHING is pressing. As a result, many things get put on the back burner and continues to accumulate. Admittedly, I am finding it a bit frustrating looking at my social media to see that EVERYONE is in Hawaii. Welcome to the 2-week spring break in BC. I’m very happy for my colleagues in the K-12 system who can take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. This time is needed by all educators. I guess I had my time in weeks prior when my students were on practicum. It was a break from teaching but I continued to work. Now I’m back on campus teaching and still catching up on work.

I am feeling good now and turned a corner. Thank goodness for the first day of spring on March 20th. That might have been my TSN Turning Point this week. I’ll admit, I was feeling down this week. It was really tough to get myself out of that mindset. I think I spent one evening watching as many American Idol clips as I could with hopes of lifting my spirits. Sounds strange, I know. I am just so lucky to have colleagues I can reach out to who have my back. It’s absolutely amazing to me knowing that I have a team of colleagues standing beside me. I feel very privileged. Moreover, the students I work with lifted my spirits. One by one, each student I interacted with on campus this week brought me hope. I loved having the spontaneous conversations in the hallway, at my office, or in the classroom. All of these conversations are unsolicited and I get to be a part of their learning journey. This brings me incredible joy. I could feel myself turning the corner and I am so grateful. It’s these “little things” that become A BIG THING. Thank you. 🙂