The First Full Week

September 16, 2022 – Whew. Where is the time flying to? I have no idea. It’s a totally different school year and I’m learning that I have a few things to shift in my mind and way of being to make this new pathway for me in my work and my life. I think there are parts I have to let go others, others I have to surrender, and some accept. Sometimes that’s not easy to do and will require growth on my part to achieve.

I don’t want to dwell on my failures, but really I want to look at these mistakes or mishaps as reminders of what I can and cannot do, what I want and do not want to do, and what I need to work on or walk away from. Mistakes or failures are not easy to for me to swallow, but the truth is, they are learning opportunities. This full week back at work had many successes but there are definitely things for me to work on.

It’s been great to return back to work and be in person with students. It’s really joyful. My Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are full. They are my teaching days. Tuesdays and Fridays are more flexible. I do have meetings and need to prep for my teaching days. I need to figure out to structure those days so that I am maximizing my time, but also get to my writing. Blogging is a great way for me to get in that mood.

I can see that I need to be writing everyday and pacing myself with my work. I’m finding things are done with a level of urgency (or not done), but the long days or deep desire to rest is so essential to balance in this upcoming year. I love that my friend just wrote to me so say that they see themselves as a researcher now versus a practitioner. That’s a beautiful aha to share with me and my transition is slower.

I see myself as a learner, so that may manifest as a researcher, teacher, or student. I do not see myself as an expert, but I have been receiving a few requests from the outside world that would suggest an expertise, but I feel like I’m not there yet. In the end, I have to feel good about my work and one of those ways to develop a LOVE for my work is to do the work. I know that I am passionate about my work. Another aspect of what I need to do is get organized, prioritize, and say no sometimes.

This week I had to say no a couple of times. Lots to consider but I also need time to think things through. I am so pleased that I have folks out there to help me out with some of these decisions as I am figuring out this path that I am creating for myself. I love to teach and there is so much to share and learn. I’m already running out of time. It’s frustrating but also exciting, because I do have an expertise (I suppose).

Now it’s time to move onto my next writing piece that I need to get completed today as well as meet others at different times and get my classes and week organized. I am so grateful and excited to do the work that I do, but I am on my way to creating my own path to personalize my work so that I am telling my story and learning more about what’s important to me. I was talked to the other day to be discerning with my time with respect to service. I would agree with that. Often that work fills my cup.

Lots to consider and I will continue to learn, make mistakes, and take action that works towards the career I want to build for myself. It’s almost like doing the Kon Mari with my time, my work, and my way of being. I can do this. I look forward to the upcoming long weekend to recalibrate and get ready for next week. So much to do before the month concludes. I need to really consider what’s worth doing. Yay me!