Starting Again and Again

Week 150 – January 28, 2023 – WordPress is quirky

No photo this week. I don’t know why but know that I’ve tried. Truth… I’m glad that this blog post published but honestly it was more luck than any predictable outcome. Idk. I updated my phone and iPad. I’m limited to and dependent on my WordPress app. Let’s see how this lasts but Happy 150th week of the COVID-19 pandemic. The weekly #pandemicreflections persist. Lucky you!!! I feel like this will end soon, but it might be due the end of the pandemic or end of my functional use of WordPress. Time will tell. TBD.

Here’s another weird element of this blog post. I’m blogging on my phone. I could not afford to wait but maybe I should check to see if my Bluetooth keyboard works on my phone. Ok… thinking in real time. I’ll let you know. Give me a moment. ((A moment passes by…)) Voilà. Here we go. It works. Knowing that I am able to use this keyboard that I bought many years ago for my mini-iPad from a long time ago (that no longer works) continues to work with my current devices… and more. HUH. I’m impressed. Not knowing, but hey…. A worthwhile purchase. #brilliant

I will say, it is so much easier to blog using QWERTY versus with my thumb. I lose patience, really. I’m also impressed that this skill of typing has stayed with me since high school and that was a LONG TIME AGO. I’m so glad I am able to type (using letters only… because I dropped the course half-way through). Who knew? Not me. I guess this experience of blogging and my Bluetooth keyboard tells me, you don’t know what you don’t know. It was like talking to my friends about “setting goals.” Dang. After that conversation, I am convinced that setting goals is futile and impossible. That news kind of freaked me out. I see her point.

So, what’s the point of this blog post? I’m figuring that I should be writing very important or profound stuff if my access to WordPress will end (at some time… but not sure when) and this digital debris needs to be somewhat interesting or at least… not garbage or embarrassing. Meh. What I am learning is, I am always starting again… and again. Things end and transitions quickly to the new beginning… or in this case trying to edit and add to my WordPress site and failed many times today. In time, pages and posts updated (with exception to uploading a photo). That happened before but then I could, and now I can’t.

Maybe the big idea is to enjoy the moment. Find the joy in the little things. And, you can only control what you can control. Admittedly, I am happy right now. Content. It’s an unusual and blissful feeling. I also learned this week about letting go and speaking my truth. Another lesson is not being too attached to the outcome, but to do your best in the process. One things at a time and I have control over my happiness. I am super happy that I am able to blog tonight and truly hope that the blog post will update/upload. Either way, I am happy because I am me. I can be myself. I connect with the right people at the right time.

Starting again is not a bad thing. There’s no judgement or expectations. It’s just a thing. As much as I love comfort… I also love learning. It’s a balance between the two. Just like today… I love “being a person” day. I love Saturdays. I appreciate and enjoy this ME TIME. I deserve it. No guilt. Just happy. I watched a hockey game tonight. I was with friends on Friday and Saturday. I taught Monday to Thursday. My week is full. And, I live with my kid. Honestly, my life is full. I’m feeling very lucky.