Regaining Access to My Website

Sunday, December 3, 2023 – Taking Risks and Feeling Great!!

Oh my goodness… I cannot believe that I have managed to regain access to my WordPress site. Whew. My heart is pounding rapidly. I am thrilled and filled with excitement. Who knew it would have this affect on me. What serendipity!!! Woohoo!!

First of all… I was contributing to my work WordPress site with OpenETC at I created this site to continue with my weekly #pandemicreflections but also model what e-portfolios could look like with students.

I am just shaking with excitement and joy. I have not posted this blog post yet, so I’m not even sure this will work. Nonetheless, this feeling of sheer AHHHHH is absolutely amazing!! Now this is appreciating the little things… 10-fold. AMAZING!!

Ahhh… solace… peace… inner joy. I gave up. I held on not knowing if I would ever access my account again and here I am. Never lose hope. I understand that now. I feel this way about leadership, teaching, and learning. There is always a path…

Well folks… I guess expect some updates to this website. I was absent from it since March 2023. I was blogging using my iPad and bluetooth keyboard. I could not update the app on my iPad. My access eroded over time. I can’t wait to update this site.

So look forward to more info and updates as we approach the new year. Right now, I’m approaching my last day of teaching on Monday, and I have reports to write, portfolios to assess, and papers to read to submit final marks for my courses.

((deep breath)) Dang. I feel great. You have no idea. It’s like reuniting with an old friend. The blog posts, however, will no longer be about my #pandemicreflections which concluded on my OpenETC site. I look forward to thinking about new content.

A New Month, New Start was the title of my most recent blog post on my OpenETC site. I feel that way and I am excited. Soon after posting this blog post, I will be writing 8 practicum reports and look forward to the last day of classes. Yay me!!