My Last Post

Week 155 – March 4, 2023 – This is the End

Losing access to my website and with each update and now a change in apps… I am slowly but surely losing touch with my blog. I think who’s is this will be my last blog post on this WordPress site. It’s the end. No photo. Nothing profound except for goodbye. So much has happened over 155 weeks of the pandemic and beyond. This is not the end of blogging or reflection for me, but this is the end of my use of this platform. I cannot hold on anymore and it’s ok to let go. The hardest part about letting go is knowing when. There were clues. Many of them but I can’t do this adaption anymore. It’s time for a new platform. You can find me at I can’t even insert a link. It’s disabling. I tried but it’s time. I’m throwing in the towel. Overtime, this site will be digital debris. It’s been an online diary of my pedagogical journey and it continues. This chapter is coming to and end and I look forward to new beginnings. If you find me here at this site, you can find me elsewhere. It’s all good. Wishing you all the best. Onwards and upwards.