Do What You Love

Week 41 – December 24, 2020 – Christmas Eve

Well… I had really thought I would be working until December 23, 2020… and I could have. Admittedly, I was a bit jealous of K-12 ending their schooling on December 18th. Me, on the other hand, was receiving a pile of work on that day and had to meet a deadline for Monday, December 21st with a meeting and all. ARGH. This work output is unreal and I can’t even get to the work I need to do. Anyway, a couple late nights and an all nighter, I managed to get my work done on-time. Monday was filled with the joy of submitting my final marks, fielding a flurry of emails, and attending a couple of meetings. I almost felt like I was in first year university, but back then I often wondered if I could sleep standing during my 8:30am labs. Anyway, I digress.

I do want to mention that Monday was filled with joy. The communications departed contacted me to let me know that some of the School of Education web pages are LIVE and updated. BEST GIFT EVER. Love working with people at the university. I am so focused on advertising for the next fall and I am so happy that the primary pages are complete and we have a few more to go. I’m already thinking of next steps and how to get candidates, current students, and alumni to help out with next steps. It’s so important to emphasize student voice. Today, December 24th, I did start a Facebook page and YES… the candidates are on board to help. I am so grateful for who they are and their willingness and enthusiasm to make things happen. Blessed.

On December 22nd, I started the day with the same vigour and verve, but after my edu-walk at lunch I realized that my work had to stop and I needed a break. I spent the afternoon sending goodbye emails and see you in the new year. I have a LIST OF THINGS to do for the new year, but I want to spend part of the break doing people things and re-prioritizing what’s important to me and living that way. I can’t do a term like this again. Anyway, December 23rd was spent DOING WHAT I LOVE TO DO. I got my favourite pizza at THE BAKERY, bought live CRAB at the fish market, and walked along the waterfront listening to the ocean. I bumped into a few friends and chatted with them for a bit during my 4-hour meandering time in downtown Sechelt.

I took the time to FILL MY CUP. Self-care is so important. I love connecting to place. Be kind to yourself. Fill your cup. Know what’s important to you and live your best life.

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