Christine Day 2022

Week 138 – November 5, 2022 – An Unexpected Surprise

Yes. This group photo captured on Twitter taken for this blog post. I had no idea this was happening. It caught my by surprise. It’s November 2nd. Not only was it exactly one month after my birthday, so I guess the official end of my birthday month, this was also a day where my class decided to dress up like me. WHY? Lol. What would inspire this? And if you notice, I’m not dressed like me. Unbelievable. I had my course on Halloween with these folks and the class theme for dressing up was GNOMES.

One of the students made me a matching hat for my UNBC sweatshirt of that day and it was super fun that this group is so playful to dress up and collaboratively make a theme. I was also impressed by how this group was so respectful of those who do not dress up for Halloween. It was very inclusive and I hope no one felt out of place. If anyone felt out of place, it would have been me. Halloween is not my favourite days of the year and this crew made it very inclusive and a matter of fact. It was good.

Members of the Education Club also prepped to have a bake sale soon after my class, so many of the students from both cohorts baked the night before to sell bake goods at the Agora foyer area. What a crew. Admittedly, it’s so nice to be back in person for classes. There is something about being in person to connect and create community. Anyway, the reason why I was dressed in Halloween pyjamas was because I had originally planned to wear it for Halloween and on Nov. 1, it was pyjama day for my other students in practicum at K-12 schools because it was the day after Halloween.

I was inspired by the students I spoke to on November 1st to have pyjama day. Why not? It was a last minute thought but it felt right. Every day up until November 2nd I would wear a UNBC sweatshirt, my Crocs, and tights as my “official school wear.” Anyway, I think my class caught onto this formula for fashion and opted to dress up as ME. What I noticed was them looking at me strangely, but also many of them wearing UNBC swag to class. It seemed unusual until they showed me their Crocs.

All I can say is… THANK YOU!!! I am humbled and it made my day. I did not know what do to with this flattering acknowledgement but it affirms to me MY WHY and that staying true to myself, my practice, and my students is the best thing to do. It’s now official everyone. November 2nd is CHRISTINE DAY. Celebrate the day as you feel fit but I am super happy and incredibly joyful. Thank you class. You are awesome!