Living with Gratitude

Week 139 – November 12, 2022 – Sustainability & Grit

Oh my. Thank goodness for a long weekend. I needed a break. For the last two nights, I took liberty and indulged in a full-night’s sleep (and napped periodically during the day in my LazyBoy chair under my electric blanket). I really appreciate rest and enjoy “being a person.” I think I’m caught up on food shopping. My apartment is clean (except my kid’s bedroom… that’s her responsibility). And, I have recycled, dishes are being washed, and I’m cooking at home (as often as I can). I even woke this morning and opted to get back on the WW train, not for weight loss, but for health reasons.

I am brought back to my academic coaching over the summer and I am reminded of the ongoing theme of SUSTAINABILITY. What is sustainable? What are my goals? What am I willing and wanting to do? The other thing I am reminded of is doing less service work as I need to focus on my research work (even though I don’t get paid for that) and my teaching (which is extraordinary to maintain 5 courses in one term). No one blinks but it is something that I have to do (and want to do) to move forward in this industry of higher education, academia, and research. I need to make the time.

What I am realizing is, I can’t be tired or feel like I’m in crisis such that I’m only reacting. To be present, I need to feel rested and I need to be healthy. I will admit, I have never felt better emotionally and spiritually, but I really noticed during my curling game last night that I was on top of my game. I was not going to let the opponent’s grief or havoc affect how I was feeling and the quality of my play. They were not the most positive at moments during the game and I had to be clear about my boundaries, internally and externally. Thank goodness for rules in the game.

I was also brought into reflection during the game thinking to myself that I’ve been here before. The feelings were familiar. The difference was I would pause, support my team, and play my best (as I was ignoring the opponent, while being pleasant). I was not going to let them play into my sense of self efficacy and my performance. It was clear that I have to bring that mindset and way of being into my work and relationships. It’s ok for me to feel confident, be firm, and set clear boundaries. I don’t have to justify my actions, as long as I am playing within the rules of the game.

Gosh, I am so grateful for CURLING. I’ve learned so much about life and leadership from curling, and I appreciate that I continue to learn from the game. Even though it was only a game last night, it was a discrete life lesson of what’s possible and what I am able to do. I am strong and I can stand up for myself. I can live with my integrity without having to question or self-doubt myself (as long as I willing accept full responsibility of the consequences and treat people with respect and compassion). I don’t have to compromise for the soul purpose of connection. I’m better than that.

I reached my max on Thursday, then attended a university sports fundraising event that night to the keynote speaker, Kaleb Dahlgren, best selling author and survivor of the Humboldt Broncos. His story was compelling and what I had learned from his story was, you are in control of how you respond and react to situations. It’s about perspective and your mindset. “Enjoy the Grind.” I had the opportunity to speak with Kaleb informally after his keynote and I asked him how he knew he was healed. He said, he has no more triggers. I get that. True freedom… and living with gratitude.