Chatelech Grad 2017 Speech

Theme: Dream

Good evening.

I am School Trustee Christine Younghusband representing the SD46 Board of Education to give greetings to the Chatelech Secondary School Graduating Class of 2017. Congratulations to everyone sitting in the stands tonight… you’ve made it!!!

It’s been a long (or possibly short) journey for all of you to finally reach the end of your 13-year educational journey in K-12 schools. This is not an easy feat. When you first entered school in kindergarten, most of you didn’t know how to read and some of you didn’t even want to leave home. Now, look at you… times have changed.

Tonight, my message to you is to DREAM. You are embarking on the next step… and you are the one who decides what comes next. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there? Whatever it is… DREAM BIG.

Anything is possible, if you want it to be. The only barrier is you. Success is not a straight line. In fact, it will be quite messy. There is no perfect, so don’t get disillusioned or disappointed. Enjoy the ride and learn from your experiences.

Take it one step at a time. Believe that everything that you do is aligned to your dream, whether if you know it or not. So, what is your dream? Stay focussed. Before you know it… you’ll be living your dream. And when you realize that you’re living your dream, you will have another one to strive for. This is the beauty of dreams.

Don’t limit yourself. Be prepared to dream big and enjoy the messy journey. On behalf of the SD46 Board of Education, a round of applause and I raise my hands to the Chatelech Secondary School Graduating Class of 2017. Congratulations!!!

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