Making Revisions

Day 31 (of 187) – October 17, 2018

Ahhhh… yes, making revisions… DISSERTATION… a funny coincidence in this daily blog of learning. It’s difficult to imagine the number of revisions I took with my dissertation. As pretty satisfied with my dissertation, I could not get to a place of completion without the feedback from others. Thank goodness for my friend, former colleague, and editor. She was awesome. I learned so much from her about grammar and my writing patterns. Then I got an academic editor and she was equally awesome. Her expertise on APA and formatting was exceptional. I was also super happy with my supervising team… yes, it was a journey. Finally, I am thankful for my examining team and the feedback they provided me on my dissertation during my oral defence. As difficult as may be to listen to or receive some feedback, I am so thankful to those who are willing to give feedback. It’s an opportunity to get better at what I do. It’s up to us to take it or leave it.

Feedback play an integral role to making revisions, but so does time and experience. Admittedly, I’m glad that I was able to retrieve a PowerPoint from a presentation I made last year to reuse for my upcoming presentation in Whistler at the Northwest Math Conference. It’s been pretty crazy week so to same some time on the creation of a new PowerPoint presentation is a godsend. That said, the PowerPoint needed revisions. I added a few slides and some text. I updated the PowerPoint presentation with my current thinking and polished up the flow, content, and images… and now it’s good to go. It was also nice to reflect on my teaching and learning at that time. That’s what the presentation is about… being vulnerable and taking risks. I hope it goes well. We’ll soon see.

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