Catch Up Day

Day 14 (of 187) – September 21, 2018

As I am learning about my rhythm at work and living alone in Prince George, I am realizing that I will have high moments and low moments. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are high moments… with one late nighter for sure on Tuesdays. What I am learning is, Fridays are low moments. Today on the floor, it was really quiet. Classes were held on the other side of the floor and I would admit that today was VERY QUIET. I needed this time. I cannot believe how the little things quickly accumulate over time. I had a tonne of things to do… emailing, posting on Blackboard, and “getting organized.” I have a tonne of reading to do… planning and prepping to do… and well, I’d like to do some research too. I cannot believe it’s September 21st. Where did the time go?

As quiet as it was on the floor, I did have a few visitors. Yay for students. This was reassuring because I was getting a little spooked about how quiet it was on the floor. Yay students!!! I did talk to a few colleagues too today on the floor (but, photo not available… lol). I love having my door open so that people can visit and say HI, but also I like to know that someone is around. This must be an extrovert trait. Silence, admittedly, makes me uneasy. What I also love is the kind of energy these students have to CREATE COMMUNITY. We are starting an EDUCATION CLUB at UNBC and going on Social Media… We’ve decided on our handle (@UNBCed) and hashtag (#UNBCed), but 50/50 with platform (e.g. Twitter and Facebook). I’m not sure how viable Facebook is to creating a PLN that is accessible and organic. You can hear my leanings, but I am super excited to get #UNBCed “out there” locally and globally. Once again, I am pretty stoked.

Well… I put in an 8-hour day… had a yummy veggie samosa for lunch… and my backpack is FULL with more stuff to do. My days are full and I am enjoying the work and the people I’m meeting at UNBC. It’s been soooooo much fun so far and I am learning a tonne about myself, my practice, and my profession. I feel very lucky to have an active learning community here in Prince George and I love meeting new people and making new connections. My goal is to make the most of this school year. What I do know for sure is, everything that I am doing is focused on enhancing the learning experiences of students. What more can I say? I am ALIGNED to my purpose. I am CREATING something new.

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