Birthday Weekend – Year in Review

End of Week 81 – October 3, 2021 – Filled with gratitude

Damn. Birthday month started really well. I am so happy that my twin bro, sister, and dad came up to visit me (and my kid) in Prince George to celebrate our birthday. We had an excellent weekend together. We ate, played golf, and walked along the river at Cottonwood Park¬† (see photo above). I feel so lucky to have them in my life and grateful that they all gave Prince George the “thumbs up”¬† (see photo below). My twin bro is already planning his next trip up to Prince George. Super fun. He’s a fan and I am so grateful that my family is happy for me and my kid. That is the best gift of all. I am the youngest of three, even though I am a twin. They take care of me and have my best interest in mind. Who can ask for anything more? Oh ya… my kid is the best.

I’ve been thinking about the year in review. I almost want to do a decade in review… a decade of midlife unravelling, but super grateful for the pedagogical journey I have taken so far to get to where I am today. I left teaching in public schools when I turned 40, and now I am absolutely in love with teaching in teacher education at the end of 50. It’s a beautiful return to my practice, but also an incredible return to myself. What more can I say? I feel like I am living the dream. I have good friends, I live with my kid, and I get to be myself. This “path now taken” is absolute freedom and I cannot wait for this chapter of my life to unfold. I am so grateful to return back to campus, live in Prince George with my kid (who is thriving), and work with people who inspire and support me. It’s been wonderful to teach classes in person and Teacher Candidates transitioned well into practicum. I can’t wait to see them teaching in K-12 schools.

To conclude this trip around the sun, I want to make a Top 10 List of “what the?”

  1. On the Sunshine Coast for 16-months to be with my kid during COVID.
  2. Pivot like nobody’s business and teach remotely for 16-months.
  3. Edu-walking almost every weekday during lunch with my edu-buddy.
  4. Saying goodbye to the Sunshine Coast and my house/home of 27-years.
  5. Drive a U-Haul truck to move my stuff and my kid’s stuff up north.
  6. My dog, Sally, passed away before moving away from the Sunshine Coast.
  7. Moving to Prince George, living with my kid, and being her mom full-time.
  8. Hitting a buck in the dar and we both survived, but bought a new car.
  9. Finding a passion for EDI work, statistics, and identity development.
  10. Working on research and being mentored by amazing, caring people.

I never thought my life would be this way, but here I am. I have nothing but gratitude. I look forward to this year. I know there will be major changes for me, but I also hope that doors will open when others close. I will keep my head down, belong to self, and continue pursuing MY WHY (without regret). My why has never changed. Hello 51.