Switch to Happy

May 1, 2024 – Hello to a New Month

On Monday, April 29th, I went to the Justin Timberlake – The Forget Yesterday World Tour concert in Vancouver with my sister. It was the BEST-SHOW-EVER. The creativity, innovation, and collaboration was astounding. And, this was the first show of the world tour. They practiced and rehearsed in Vancouver for the last month. I have no words. If that was the first show, it can only get better. I say that, but honestly, that show was close to perfection. The setlist for the show was outstanding. It was a beautiful combination between the new and old, as well as creative liberty on familiar favourites. I was dancing most of the time. I could not help myself. I also enjoyed the DJ Andrew Hypes. He got the rhythm started. From Stage A walking to Stage B then back to Stage A and the floating stage, the TFYWT was joyful and transformative.

Watching this concert was much like “the perfect curling shot.” I was reminded of an interview with Justin Timberlake years ago saying that people say that he makes it looks easy, but he says that its hard work and practice that makes it look easy. My sister and I saw Justin Timberlake 6-years ago. It was a thank you present from my brother after my mom passed away for all of the hard work and care we took to take care of my mom during her last days. Back then, the concert was a needed boost to the heart and spirit. We loved the concert then… and now. For me, it was very timely to see him again. I needed another boost, such that after experiencing the TFYWT and the love shared with us, and it being reciprocated, made me feel hopeful, joyful, and happy again. It’s been awhile since I felt this way and I can’t stop the feeling. LOL.

Well, what I am doing is, listening to his music. I feel that I can get my happy back again. I am also obsessed with my #OneWord2024 of HAPPY. It’s a shift from the one-words I’ve chose in past. This word is focused on the present (i.e., forget yesterday). I am also learning that I am using this words as a litmus or criteria to self-assess whether or not I am happy. Being happy becomes a principle I can follow to make decisions, listen to myself, and determine if I’m on the right track or not. By doing this, I can align to my integrity, be authentic, and engage in life wholeheartedly. This mindset or way of being might be a reflection of my age (even though I feel like I’m 27) or it might be me learning more about developing that “perfect curling shot” in my life. It takes hard work and practice… and a lot of intentionality and deliberate action.

The aim is not happiness, but rather be happy. Admittedly, this course of action is a huge shift in my mindset. You have no idea how HAPPY I am to be here… right now. I am smiling from the inside. This knowing helps with setting boundaries that don’t have to be harsh or hurtful to keep people away or to protect myself, but rather they areĀ  kind and compassionate for myself and others. Switching to happy guides how I will live, love, be, and work. Just be happy. The goal, much like the “perfect curling shot” is to be consistent. Every step won’t be perfect every time, nor do I expect it to be. But I can strive to be consistent and hone this skill through practice and hard work. Over time, HAPPY will appear easy, when really my actions are intentional and deliberate. And BTW, my newest and most favourite JT song right now is SELFISH.