Beyond the Wake

BEYOND THE WAKE. This is an opportunity to let go. As mentioned in my previous blog entry, Living in the Wake, it’s easy to go back to things that you know and are familiar with. The wake provides a place of comfort and certainty. Post dissertation and defence, I returned back to curling and tutoring, for example, to pick up where I left off. Returning back to the classroom to teach secondary mathematics also seems like a viable option, but I’m not the same person as I was 7-years ago. My level of understanding of teaching, learning, and education is somewhere else, thus MY PLACE is likely somewhere else.

Admittedly, I am panicking about what’s next. I want to control of the outcome and it’s not in my control. It’s challenging to just “let things go” to allow what’s next to come. I have applied to a few tenure track positions, considered returning back to the K-12 system, and thought about entering politics. I have many possibilities and wonder what I am meant to do. I love teaching, learning and leading. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met so many people and tried so many things that I am wondering where MY PLACE is.

What impact do I want to make on student learning?

Ironically, I am brought to my TEDxWestVancouverED talk on ALIGNMENT and “finding your place.” Your place changes over time. This sounds obvious and yet not so obvious when you find yourself clinging to what was instead of looking at what is or what could be. The path is not straightforward or clear… and it’s not meant to be. As much as I want to return back to teaching mathematics, I know that being a mathematics teacher… a mom… and school trustee informed my doctoral research and where I am today.

The research poster (see above) I just made for the Hawaii International Conference on Education (HICE) 2018 in January reminds me of what I can do and what I am willing to do to teach, learn, and lead. I do have much on my plate still that I need to complete. My EDUC471D100 course at SFU is ending this week and I have another study to complete in preparation for the HICE2018 conference. I am also in the midst of pursuing postdoctoral opportunities and hope to write a book (as mentioned in my TEDx).┬áMy job right now is to be PATIENT and listen. I love what I am doing and I am WIDE OPEN to what’s next.

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