Two Blog Posts In One

Week 36 and Week 37 – November 21 and 28, 2020

CONVERGENCE – bringing two things together to one point. That’s what I’m doing today… well, now a few days later. This COVID-experience is almost like a time-warp. Time goes by fast. Time goes by slow. I have no sense of time and now I find myself catching up most of the time to get where I want to be. I don’t know how other people are doing it but I will admit that I am completely exhausted and I am 100% underestimating the time it takes to do things. I feel so lucky to teach remotely and be in my home on the Sunshine Coast with my daughter… but dang. This online lifestyle is getting the best of me. I feel like I am shifting again to a “new normal” where I have to PIVOT to getting outside and connecting with nature.

This photo is one of my most favourite places to be… MISSION POINT in Davis Bay. This place is amazing and it’s one of the places I walk with my edu-buddy to discuss life, kids, and education. We walk along the seawall and to Mission Point Park where there is a sandy beach and a massive spit where the two waters CONVERGE, as you can see in the photo above. It takes my breath away and I love that this is a place where I feel at home. I also love the imagery of the two waters meeting at one point. I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place and community. However, I will admit, with the new COVID-19 numbers in BC, I am so compelled to just stay at home. I just don’t get out. It’s very much like how I felt in March 2020. #stayathome

I am not really that motivated to leave the house, except to walk with my edu-buddy and to walk my dog Sally around the block. I will sometimes force myself to go out and get a Steeped Tea from Tim Hortons or Pink Drink from Starbucks. Most times I am on my computer, like I am now, attending a Zoom meeting, teaching a class, or sending out emails like I had nothing better to do with my time. My legs ache. My head is numb. And, I wished I had the strength to make dinner after a 12-hour online day. Most days I can’t. Even my favourite local Chinese restaurant just closed for 14-days due to a COVID-19 exposure. Nothing is safe anymore (and I have to cook).

The one thing I do appreciate about online is ACCESS. I am able to attend meetings with people whom I may have never met otherwise face-to-face. I am able to attend conferences and workshops without the expense of travel and accommodations. I am participating in MOOCs and I hope that I am able to carve out the time soon to write. I need to read and write… and I never thought I would say that in my lifetime, but I feel that it’s time. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time until the work of this term is complete. I do love the work that I get to do. I feel that each thing that I am a part of is ALIGNED to my purpose of “improving the learning experiences of students.” The experience is transformative, progressive, and disruptive… for self and others.

Tomorrow I am a guest on a former student’s podcast. This will be my third podcast and I am struck by what my friend said to me… you feel like a professor when you are professing something… honestly, this is the next step. To understand this, I have to get reading and writing, and carve out the time. TIME MANAGEMENT. Be more INTENTIONAL. I need to exercise my AUTHENTIC POWER. I am drawn to Gary Zukov right now and what resonates with me today is, “accept the consequences.” Agreed. No fear. There is nothing to lose. Act and accept the consequences. I also loved what I heard yesterday in an interview with Oprah and Jack Canfield and he said you know when you are on the right path when what you are doing feels joyful.

As tired as I am, I am on the right path. I am currently visioning a life that I am currently living. How many people can do that? I am not sure where the pandemic will take me. I am constantly deliberating what to do with my apartment and the level of uncertainty with anything right now is high. What I do know for sure is, I am grateful for every moment I had so far and I love all of the people I have met along the way. I love how my daughter is learning math at home and loving it. She can factor a trinomial like nobody’s business. I am so impressed. She is transforming her mindset and level of math efficacy right before my eyes. It’s really rewarding. And, I know that I am safe where I am (even though I am teaching online). Life is very good.

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