Mixed Feelings

Week 11 – EDUC454D100 – July 11, 2017

Yup. Here is my “unofficial” blog reflection on this week’s EDUC454D100 class. I must admit. I walked into this week’s class with mixed feelings. I wanted to check to see if it was a full moon or not. The day before our WEEK 11 class, I fielded a few emails from students that ranged from questions about our upcoming assignments to rescheduling presentations. I was unsure how this day would unfold. This week was our first day of two for “Philosophy Presentations.” Ten of 26 presented. Next week will be an endurance class, but this week’s presentations met my expectations.

I can understand why the Philosophy Presentation (aka. IGNITE or pecha kucha) can be intimidating at first. I structured the activity around BC’s New Curriculum with a BIG IDEA, curricular competencies, and content as it relates to the course, EDUC454. The structure and expectations were the same for all, but what was to come was personalized and unique. Everyone had their voice and opportunity to express their learning and BIG AHAs. Although I did expect that each presentation would be different, what I did not expect was the level of learning that was established.

I will reserve my final evaluation with a follow up email for each student with some feedback, but also each presenter received handwritten formative feedback from their peers based on the structure of the activity. What do you perceive to be their biggest takeaway? Not one presentation was the same. I loved it. What I do hope is that students gave similar responses per presentation but recognized that everyone’s takeaways were different. We are all different. We have different subject specialities. But also, we all have different prior knowledge and readiness to learn. This is the power of the new curriculum. We can acknowledge these differences in each other and have takeaways that are personally and professionally meaningful.

Of course, my students asked me if I would be doing an IGNITE as well. I agreed to do so. One thing that I had committed to doing during this course was to be the learner alongside with them. I have reflected on journals (via blog) as they did, I have facilitated a learning activity (e.g. weaving), and I am engaged in my own inquiry (e.g. cedar bark, bark harvesting, and culturally modified trees). So, why not? I guess I will be “the closer.” Thus, I am resisting what I will say in my Philosophy Presentation. It’s stewing in my mind (as well as creating my PowerPoint for my upcoming dissertation oral defence and TEDxWestVancouverED presentation). I hope that I can do it justice. I have learned a tonne and personally, my practice has been transformed.

Thank you EDUC454. It’s been incredible!!! Two more classes to go… can’t wait.

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