Feeling Energized

January 30, 2024 – Finding My Flow, Finding My Jam

BREATHE. That’s a nice reminder. I took it slow this morning and got my 2-step authentication device resolved this afternoon. Gradually, I got back into the rhythm of work with an online conference with BC educators. That was good. I appreciated their enthusiasm and learning intentions for K-12 learners. Initially, I intended to write about my experience beading with my kid last Thursday at the Art Gallery, but that will have to wait another time. Right now, I’m inspired to write about REST, finding my flow, and finding my jam. Last week was INTENSE for me and I almost burned out.

At times, I feel like that I am working 1.5+ jobs and I need to remember what sparks my fire and complement that with a healthy dose of REST, good food, good company, and exercise. There were some key deadlines for the end of the month and it took the wind out of me. I’m keep up with the day to day, but I am super behind on other aspects and tapped out on the demands of this month’s timelines. Luckily, I got an extension for one project. One week, hence, I’m still in the grind. Consequently that serendipitous gesture gave me a brief moment to breathe… and sleep. I needed it.

I spent the entire weekend resting. I did not have the will or strength to work. I was exhausted. Even the day to day activities were tiresome, hence no blogging this weekend either. Monday was a full 12-hour day and today, I spent my time taking it slow. I feel more like myself today, but that second deadline looms as well as all of my day to day work and things I’ve parked for the moment. It can get overwhelming bu tall i can do is take it one step at a time. I can give my best (of that moment) and that’s all I have to give. The thing is, I am ok with that. I have to be. I am doing my best.

In that hectic week, filled with a lack of sleep of over burden of tasks and timelines, I ended my week with a game of curling on Friday. I was so tired. My skip is currently injured and I am skipping the team and the spare is playing third (aka. my position on the team). Oh man… as soon as the game started, I was awake. I had a zippy tune in my head to keep me on-task and focused, but I was so attuned to the game. I just love playing skip and playing with my team. We won 8-4. A full game of 8-ends and we played our last rock. I was so jazzed and “in the moment,” I ended the week HAPPY.

I want to notice this feeling. I was so tired before the game (during the week). I was so tired after the game (during the weekend). Being on the ice, skipping, and we were having a really good game… what was that? I was so in the flow. Curling is my JAM. I’m not going to play professionally or competitively, but there is something about the game I need to learn from. I love working with others, with the same goals, mindset, and vision. I love getting feedback from my teammates and compliments too. I love the skill required and strategy of the game. I love the competition. I felt energized.