UNBC Lesson Plan Template

UNBC Lesson Plan Template SY 2020 v.2 (2)

UNBC Lesson Plan Template EY 2020 (2)

Resources 2018

John Hattie – Visible Learning (website/blog/book)

Dr. Gillian Judson – A Walking Curriculum (website/blog/book)

Trevor MacKenzie – Dive Into Inquiry (website/blog/book)

Shelley Moore – One Without The Other (website/blog/book)

Starting Points in Planning – BC’s New Curriculum PDF

SFU Lesson Plans & Curriculum Guides: PDP Resources

The Fastest Way to Make an IGNITE Presentation

Create an awesome IGNITE in 6 steps

How I prepare for an IGNITE talk

#bcedchat Google Doc on the Core Competencies

SD41 Learning Technologies Blog – How To

UBC Faculty of Eduction eFolios – WordPress

Joy Nugent @CriteriaQueen #TheFirst15Lessons K-8 Google Doc

Shelley Moore – blogsomemoore Templates

The Principal of Change – The Innovator’s Mindset

The Principal of Change – George Couros’s Blog


Single Point Rubrics – Cult of Pedagogy

6 Reasons to Try a Single Point Rubric – Edutopia

K-9 Curricular Competencies – Google Drive File

Simple Rubric for Evaluating Cross Curricular Competency PDF

I Can Statements – Google Drive File

Policy Changes 2016

Student Reporting – BC Ministry of Education Website (2016)

BC FOIPPA Policy & Procedures Manual (Sections 30 and 30.1)

Summer Institutes 2016

Building Student Success – BC’s New Curriculum

BC’s New Curriculum Contributed Resources

Starting Points in Planning PDF – A BC Teacher’s Perspective

BC’s Integrated Resource Packages (IRP)

Curriculum Support Page (Marc Garneau)

iOS Summit Vancouver – January 2015

The Educated Citizen or Google “Educated Citizen BC”

BC’s Education Plan (2015)

Different Incarnations of Personalization (Zhao, 2015)

Continuum of Voice – What it means for the learner (2016)

“I can…” Statements for Math K-6 (Google Doc)

#bcedchat Archives – Access to Storify (Curriculum Series)

Peter Liljedahl – Good Problems (Big Thinking Classrooms)

I Can Statements (Vernon Community School)

I Can Statements (SD43)

I Can Statements (Self-Assessment Tool for Core Competencies)

Tedx / Ted Videos

A Journey of Discovery, Truth and Reconciliation (TEDx, 2016)

The Power of Student Driven Learning (Tedx, 2013)

Want to Create the Best in People? Start with Strengths (Tedx, 2016)

Daniel Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation (Ted, 2009)

RSA Changing Education Paradigms, Sir Ken Robinson (2010)

The Power of Believing that You Can Improve, Carol Dweck (Ted, 2014)

Learning to be Awesome at Anything You Do (Tedx, 2014)

The Power of Vulnerablity – Brene Brown (Tedx, 2010)

Under the Table – Shelley Moore (TedxLangleyED, 2016)

Angela Lee Duckworth – The Key to Success? Grit (Ted Talks, 2013)

Dan Finkel – Extraordinary Math Teaching (Tedx, 2010)

Dan Meyer – Math Class Needs a Makeover (Tedx, 2010)

Indigenous Education

Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom (2015)

ERAC Resources for Aboriginal Ways of Knowing and Learning

Journey of Discovery, Truth & Reconciliation – Cecelia Reekie (Tedx, 2016)

SD73 Implementing Aboriginal Content Across the Elementary Curriculum

SD70 Integrating Aboriginal with Mathematics K-12 (based on IRP)

Dr. Martin Brokenleg – First Peoples Principles of Learning (video)

Cedar Bark Stripping #1 – Shishalh Nation News (YouTube)

Cedar Bark Stripping #2 – Shishalh Nation News (YouTube)

Cedar Bark Stripping #3 – Shishalh Nation News (YouTube)

First Peoples Principles of Learning (poster)

Show me your math!!! 

Yukon Education Show Me your Math!

FNESC Math First Peoples

Shared Learnings – Integrating BC Aboriginal Content K-10

Promising Practices in Aboriginal Education

Communicating Student Learning (CSL)

Communicating Student Learning – SD71 (Comox Valley)

Communicating Student Learning – SD42 (Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows)

Communicating Student Learning – Manitoba

Jodie Sussex Tweet – CSL Report Template (June 2016)

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