Empowering People Through Education

I am passionate about teaching and learning. My mission is to empower people to create and implement change. My purpose is to find ways to enhance the learning experiences of students and share those ideas. I am a math educator, doctoral candidate, and school trustee. My areas of interests are professional learning, mathematics education, and educational leadership.

Recent Posts

  • Inclusive Education

    Week 7 – EDUC454D100 – June 20, 2017 How do you know that you are being inclusive? Yup. Here’s the question of the week. Before writing their reflective journal, I asked students to watch Shelley Moore’s SSHRC-CRSH 3.5 minute video on Transforming Inclusive Education. I love the bowling metaphor and the 7-10 split. Are we […]

  • Embedding Environmental Education

    Week 6 – EDUC454D100 – June 13, 2017 This is a meta question for me… How am I going to embed outdoor education into my practice? This is the nature of EDUC 454. The course is called “Quantitative Approaches to Environmental Education.” I love the idea of students taking their learning into their own hands […]

  • The Pedagogical Rut

    Week 5 – EDUC 454 D100 – June 6, 2017 The question of the week was: “How would you embed environmental education into your practice to enhance the student learning experience?” We had just finished readings on the experiential learning cycle and outdoor education – missed opportunity and I wondered how students would embed environmental […]