Empowering People Through Education

I am passionate about teaching and learning. My mission is to empower people to create and implement change. My purpose is to find ways to enhance the learning experiences of students and share those ideas. I am a math educator, doctoral candidate, and school trustee. My areas of interests are professional learning, mathematics education, and educational leadership.

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  • Teaching and Learning

    Here’s a tip… don’t drink a latte at 9pm at night. Resist. Even though it goes beautifully with your baklava and ice cream… DON’T DO IT. Learning from experience… you could be blogging at 4am wishing that you didn’t have that latte. I can’t sleep. At first I thought it was because I finished my […]

  • Mixed Feelings

    Yup. Here is my “unofficial” blog reflection on this week’s EDUC454D100 class. I must admit. I walked into this week’s class with mixed feelings. I wanted to check to see if it was a full moon or not. The day before our WEEK 11 class, I fielded a few emails from students that ranged from […]

  • My Big Aha

    EDUC454D100 SUMMATIVE REFLECTION I will admit… that teaching “Quantitative Approaches to Environmental Education” was not my area of expertise or course that I had initially applied to for the 2017 Summer Session. When I was offered EDUC454 to teach, I had a moment of hesitation because my subject specialty was Secondary Mathematics Education… and Curriculum […]