“Thank you so much for an amazing semester. I can’t adequately express how much it has revived my teaching practice.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“I would also like to thank you for an awesome semester! I didn’t have high hopes for a “Q” course, but you definitely changed my mind. I will definitely be contacting you in the future for help or ideas around quantitative activities.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“Again, I want to thank you for everything that you taught me this semester, I consider this one of the more relevant courses that I have taken so thank you very much.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“Thanks again for everything Christine, you are an incredible person and instructor and I am honoured to know you and I had so much fun and felt so held in the fun-ness of class despite any challenges I went through.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“I also wanted to genuinely thank you for teaching this course this semester. I learned so much from this class but also from you as a teacher, I appreciated your modelling it was very inspiring going ahead into my practice as a new teacher. I am definitely walking away from this course learning more than I had expected so thank you so much!”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“I wanted to tell you that even though I came into this class and semester a bit apprehensive and pessimistic, you were able to turn my most feared course into one I absolutely loved. This got me excited about teaching and incorporating this type of education into my classroom as well as into my own personal life in terms of sustainability, so I just wanted to thank you for that.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“Thank you for providing me with such and amazing learning experience. I plan to use this practice whenever possible.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“The EDUC 454 class has some of the best class community I have ever felt in a course I have taken. Whether it has been because of the student led exercises or the philosophy that steps away from standard forms of assessment, the class is extremely positive, relaxed and fun! I feel that I have connected with mostly, if not everyone in the class. It has been a great experience being in this class.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2018

“It has been a pleasure learning from you this term. You are an exceptional teacher. 454 was undoubtedly my favourite course and the favourite for many…

  1. I liked how we practiced what we were preaching. It was wonderful to be outside.
  2. I appreciated how there was an entry point for everyone, including older students with other life experiences. Teaching adults is not the same as teaching kids. You are clearly awesome at both.
  3. I liked how you capitalized on the talent in the room. It was wonderful learning from a group of amazing people.
  4. I loved your reading list. We learned something new every week. It was a bit of a flipped classroom model in that the reading happened at home and the application happened at school. I’m not sure if this was your goal, but it was brilliant.
  5. I appreciated how your assignments were spread and not crammed into the end of term.

If I was to pick one thing that set this course apart from others it would be — application. In our Science Methods course, we talked a lot about how we might teach science. In your course, we did much more than talk. We experienced each great idea and engaged in learning with all of our senses. Thank you for a memorable term.”

EDUC454 Student, Simon Fraser University, Summer 2017


“He went from a C+ to a B, which is awesome. [He] and I are very grateful for the tutoring service you provided. We truly appreciate you.”

Susan Shinn, parent of a high school student, March 2018

“Our two children had regular tutoring sessions with Christine Younghusband from grades 8 to 11.  Their biggest challenge was keeping up with the classroom pace of moving through the curriculum. They needed more time and one-on-one support than their  teachers were able to provide. As a result of their sessions with Christine, they developed confidence and strategies and both achieved success. They were comfortable asking for her help and they always got the help they needed. Christine creates an environment that is relaxed and fun but also focused and productive.”

Jane Davidson, parent of 2 high school students, September 2015

“We have used Christine for the last 3 years for tutoring our high school student in Math. Christine quickly found a way to connect with our son that allowed him engage and learn more successfully. Thanks to Christine’s tutelage, our son has gone from a C- in Grade 7 Math to a B in Math 11. We are so very grateful for her experience and her ability to see that each student is unique and that we do not all learn the same way. ”

 Chris McNair, parent of high school student, September 2015

“I can say, without any exaggeration, that Christine Younghusband is the best math tutor/guru I have ever had. Her determination to help me understand the concept and reasoning behind a problem is one of her most valuable qualities… I can never thank YH enough and I highly recommend her to any student looking to improve their math skills. Thanks for helping me with everything, I really appreciate it.”

Madolyn Smith, High School Student, Math 12, November 2012

“I am so happy to say that I finished my last test and the teacher was nice enough to mark my last assignment and exams right away as the nursing school has only 3 seats left.  I received an overall 80%, so much better than I anticipated.  I am super happy and very thankful for our sessions together.”

Shannon Starrs, Foundations Math 11, Adult Learner, March 2014

“I visited Ms. Younghusband before many of my math 12 tests and exams for tutoring. I found it extremely helpful because she touched on all the right points and worked out any issues I had with the material. I would recommend any student who is having trouble with math to contact Ms. Younghusband.”

Jonah Lussier, High School Student, January 2012

“I am hoping to do more tutoring… I absolutely love your style of tutoring as it really works for me. I have never felt so good about math as I have since you have been tutoring me. Thanks ever so much again!”

Linda Byron, Adult Learner, August 2012

“As a former tutoring student of Christine Younghusband’s, I would highly recommend her services. Younghusband has a very unique talent in teaching and is guaranteed to improve yours, or your child’s math skills. The ethics she uses for improving students’ skills make you feel comfortable and confident. My time at Younghusband’s tutoring were very worthwhile and I would highly recommend her.”

Vanessa Angus, High School Student, January 2012

“Being tutored by Christine Younghusband has been a very positive experience for me. The amount of information that I learned definitely exceeded my expectations. Christine always made math enjoyable, something that I didn’t feel before. Above all, I have much more confidence in my own math abilities.”

Oliver Gidora, Adult Learner, University Preparation, August 2012

“I am writing this testimonial in regards to Christine Younghusband’s math tutoring business. Christine is an excellent tutor and has great rates. I enlisted the help of Christine for my grade 12 year, where she assisted me many times throughout my math 12 class. She helped me understand the concepts I as being taught on a personal level. She made it easy for me to remember formulas and techniques. This made me a better test taker and improved my mark greatly. Being someone who struggled with math throughout high school, working with Christine was a blast. She is fun and relaxed. I throughly enjoyed my time spent with Christine. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor.”

Cailean Hourigan, High School Student, January 2012


“I am inspired by Christine Younghusband’s enthusiasm and unique approach to teaching mathematics. Embedded within Indigenous knowledge, her humour, honesty and storytelling put me at ease and created a space where I felt safe and a sense of belonging. Not only was the content of her lesson very interesting, she also modelled important pedagogical methods of how to approach learners of Aboriginal descent, engaging in relationship first, and then moving into the teachings.”

Kristi Haavisto, UBC Aboriginal Math K-12 Symposium, February 2013

“Attending the aboriginal math symposium was very interesting.  I have really never loved math, personally always afraid of failing it!  But I watched Christine Younghusband on stage talking about strategies of teaching math using aboriginal concepts, really got me excited about math!  Her vibrant energy and comical attitude made me want to explore math again!”

Rita Poulsen, UBC Aboriginal Math K-12 Symposium, February 2013

“So important to have these discussions.  Good reinforcement about being bold.  Christine has great positive energy and open to new ideas. Great job!”  

SD73 Secondary Math Teachers AFL Workshop, April 2013

“Awesome! Very knowledgeable, great examples and experience.”

BCTF New Teachers’ Conference, March 2013

“I appreciated the thought and conversation provoking questions and statements.  You did a phenomenal job handling the different view points and made a point of acknowledging and validating all options.”  

Pemberton Secondary School AFL Workshop, August 2011

“Love personal insight and experiences with students and colleagues. Great strategies shared. Thanks!”

Pemberton Secondary School AFL Workshop, August 2011

“Thank you very much for taking the time to create and deliver this session. I found it very inspiring and you have encouraged me to learn more about Assessment for Learning.”

Abbotsford Traditional School, BCAMT Conference, October 2010