Math Stories

I taught secondary mathematics for 16-years, math tutored for 8-years, and taught at the university for 3-years. Everyone has a MATH STORY, including me. This is something that I have wanted to write about for years. I thought it was going to be my dissertation but, in the end, I did research about something that could be related to this notion of MATH STORIES. It’s a narrative that some of us hold close to our heart that is self-defining and clearly reflects our level of perceived math efficacy based on experience. This cognitive trauma (shall we say) compels one to say, “I’m not good at math.” It’s these stories I am interested in and heard many of them during my teaching career. I am curious about what these stories mean, where did they come from, and how it happened. If you have a math story you would like to share, send it to me by email at:

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Do you have a math story to share?

What was learning math like for you?

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