Educational Workshops

Do you want to engage in a professional learning experience that is dialogical, cooperative, and delves into the heart of the matter? Dr. Younghusband can facilitate teacher professional development workshops, provide inspirational keynote addresses, and provoke the thinking of educators as it relates to mathematics education, student learning, pedagogy and assessment, policy and practice, and leadership. How can we empower our learners and empower ourselves as educators to improve the learning experiences of students, teachers, and educational leaders? We need to create alignment between what we teach students, what we learn as students, and what policy that’s implemented to make this happen for students. If you are interested in Educational Workshops, contact Christine. Here are a few topics Dr. Younghusband addresses:

  • What’s Your Math Story? (Building Math Efficacy)
  • Math Embedded (Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning)
  • THINKING FORMATIVE (Designing Instruction and Assessment)
  • Personalized Learning and the Competencies (BC’s New Curriculum)

Educational Research

Do you have a question about your educational surroundings, unexplained phenomena in the educational workplace, or curious about the impact of educational change on teaching or learning? Dr. Younghusband can implement educational research to answer your onsite, practice-driven, workplace-based research question, provide recommendations, or deepen your understanding of the situation using descriptive research analysis. We can make assumptions about what we see and may overlook some of the details of what’s happening, therefore unable to provide the leadership, policy, or decision-making that is most appropriate. To create alignment with what you observe and what you understand, Dr. Younghusband uses survey methods and interviews to answer your question.  If you are interested in Educational Research at your school or school district, contact Christine.

Educational Coaching

Do you need help managing your time? Making decisions within or about your career? Or self-assessing your professional practice and designing it to authentically reflect your educational philosophy and desired pedagogy? Teaching can be an isolating profession. Although you may be working with many people and making many decisions about student learning, it’s easy to feel alone or separate from your surroundings. As a result, this professional isolation can make one feel over-stressed, resentful, or uncertain. To transform burnout to empowerment, Dr. Younghusband can help educators one-to-one to find YOUR WHY, identify what’s important to you, and CREATE ALIGNMENT. If you are interested in Educational Coaching, contact Christine to get this conversation started.

Math Tutoring on the Sunshine Coast


Thank you everyone who was a part of the CYH Math Tutoring Experience. I enjoyed our time together and was happy to support student learning for almost 8-years. Math is FUN. Remember that. All the best. Thank you for your patronage and teaching me. I enjoyed it.