Butter or Margarine

I wrote a blog entry on November 7, 2017 called “It doesn’t matter.” It was inspired by two separate occasions. The first was spending time two math educators during the Math K-9 Curriculum writing where one was from a rural public school and the other from a metro independent school. Of course, I had my own experience with math education as a public school educator and private educator. As it turned out, our teaching and learning experiences were very similar. The second occasion is having edu-talks with one of my good friends who is a senior administrator in public schools. At the time, I was a school trustee, education consultant, and graduate/doctoral student. Albeit a very small sample, but I am curious about how¬†our stories and lived experiences were not that different from each other… in terms of hopes and wants for in education. This inspires me to write a book or article about this phenomenon. How can we come from diverse experiences in BC education, yet experience similar struggles and achievements. This has much to do with policy, but it also has to do with our educational principles, philosophies, and values. I love being provoked by situations like this and I wonder where we are heading in BC education and how are we going to get there. This might be another descriptive study, one that I will embark on my own as a post-doctoral experience but also as a writer.

The photo below is an awesome caption of me and my edu-buddies: @GabrielPillay1 @RosePillay1 @CarrieFroese. It’s amazing what you can learn from and with each other. These are not the folks that I am referring to above, but It’s an exemplar where I make these observations and curiosities… from those in your professional learning network.